Best Restaurants in Pretoria: A Curated Guide

Discovering the culinary gems of Pretoria is a journey of taste and preference. In this guide, we share our personal favourites – a list of top restaurants that have captivated our palates and left us with memorable dining experiences. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this guide to the best restaurants in Pretoria, according to our team, will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

1. Fermier

A Culinary Adventure: Fermier offers a unique 8-course meal that promises a taste adventure like no other. Each dish is a testament to culinary excellence, ensuring your palate is thoroughly entertained and your stomach satisfyingly full. Wine Pairing Experience: For those looking to enhance their dining experience, Fermier’s wine pairing option is a must. Each course is accompanied by a glass of wine, meticulously chosen to complement the flavours of the dish. Ambience: The restaurant’s intimate setting, with its limited seating, creates an exclusive and cosy atmosphere. Pricing: The 8-course meal is priced at R900 and the wine pairing at an additional R450 per person. Click here to explore more about Fermier.

2. Stephnie’s

Consistent Excellence: At Stephnie’s, every visit is a delightful experience with top-notch service and exceptional food quality. Signature Dish: Their oxtail is a must-try, arguably the best in Pretoria. Ambience: The restaurant’s stunning interior and relaxed vibes make for an ideal dining setting. Wine Selection: Stephnie’s introduced us to the Jakkalsvlei Pinotage, now a favourite. Average Cost: Expect to spend around R500 per person for a complete dining experience with wine, mains, and dessert. Discover more about Stephnie’s.

3. Blu Saffron

Ideal for Celebrations: Perfect for group gatherings, Blu Saffron offers an exceptional setting to celebrate special occasions with friends. They even provide private rooms to make your celebrations more intimate and exclusive. Romantic Interiors: For a date night, the indoor seating creates a cosy and romantic atmosphere. Stunning Views: In summer, the outdoor seating offers mesmerizing views over the golf course. Exciting Menu: The diverse and exciting menu, complemented by daily specials, ensures a memorable dining experience. Pricing: Expect to pay between R500 and R600 per person for a full meal with drinks, main, and dessert. Learn more about Blu Saffron’s offerings.

4. Forti Too

Vibrant and Lively: Known for its lively ambience, including occasional live Opera performances, Forti Too is a place for enjoyment and exquisite dining. Unique Touches: The restaurant provides thoughtful amenities like a stand for women’s handbags. Wine and Dine: The food is consistently delicious, and the Paul Clüver Pinot Noir is a highlight. Daily Specials: The waiters at Forti Too are keen to inform you about the daily specials, adding an element of surprise and variety to your dining experience. Cost: A meal with wine, a main, and dessert will cost about R550 to R650. Explore more about Forti Too.

5. Oyama Sushi

The Best in Sushi and Ramen: Oyama Sushi, run by a dedicated Japanese couple, offers the finest sushi, ramen and homemade soy sauce in Pretoria. Extensive Menu: Their wide-ranging Asian-themed menu never disappoints. Cost-Effective Dining: Prices range from R150 to R350 per person, making it an affordable yet high-quality option. Special Menu: Their Peking Duck set menu is available upon advance order. Find out more about Oyama Sushi.

In conclusion, Pretoria’s dining scene is as diverse as it is impressive. Each of these restaurants offers something unique, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience for every palate. Whether you are in the mood for an elegant wine pairing, the best oxtail in town, or authentic Japanese cuisine, Pretoria has it all.


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