Content Policy

List My Biz is a South African business directory.

Our content guidelines are built in compliance with local publishing laws as well as Google’s Prohibited Content policies (currently at subject to change).

List My Biz does not support the publishing of content that includes, amongst others,:

  • Certain Adult services
  • Pornography
  • Defamatory content
  • Online gambling
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Guns and prohibited weapons
  • Illegal activities (including piracy, academic plagiarism, infringements to Intellectual Property)
  • Racist content
  • Pyramid schemes

We also have a discretion regarding publishing content that falls into spam, potentially dangerous or controversial categories, such as untested supplements, get-rich-quick schemes, steroids or sexual enhancement products.

We reserve the right to remove any content which we believe falls into the abovementioned or other categories of prohibited content.

To enforce our directory content policy we have an in-house data assessment system consisting of manual human review of all newly added content.

Due to the large volume of data we need to process and scrutinise on a daily basis, there could be a delay between the time a piece of content is submitted to us and when we decide whether we will publish same. The turnover time is currently up to 2 weeks.

Our content policy may be amended by us from time to time and published on our website.