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Drone Specialists
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Delta Scan

173 Saint Georges Road, Johannesburg 2187, Gauteng, City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa

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Drone Specialists

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Structural Inspections


Market leaders in NDT(non-destruction testing) structural condition assessments. Combining cutting edge drone technology, Artificial Intelligence, thermal camera systems and engineering expertise, we produce full structural audits for commercial and industrial applications. Our custom developed software enables us to detect, analyse and quantify defects faster and more accurately than anything on the market. We also provide full code compliance and legal certificates of compliance.

The Health and Safety risks associated with working at heights can be avoided with the use of drone technology. Data is captured in a matter of hours with accuracy that surpasses any other form on conventional inspection.

Images and video from a drone are the most basic level of data reporting. The true power of the technology lies in the digitisation and analysis. Year of development have helped create the worlds first truly accurate reporting system.

Whether its buildings, silos or bridges we can carry out structural audits that surpass any other technology.

Our leading analysis system allows us to harness the versatility of drones with the latest in photogrammetry software and AI. We produce detailed digital replicas down to the nuts and bolts allowing us to perform what we call a true-scale digital analysis. This makes it possible for us to provide an easy to understand comprehensive report, marking not only the position of the structural defect but the type and severity as well. This information allows us to generate an accurate bill of quantities which has never been possible in the world of structural inspections.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we think about technology by changing the way technology ‘thinks’. Computers can process data far more efficiently and accurately than any human resulting in a faster and more accurate reporting system.

Our unique thermal technology algorithms enable us to see what lies beneath the surface and determine the underlying cause of most surface damage that often gets incorrectly diagnosed. We don’t believe in repairing the same place twice. Fix it right the first time.

Have you ever seen an entire building analysed with greater accuracy than a human can achieve? Well we have, we created the technology.

What about speed? How long does it take to analyse a large structure? One week? Two weeks? How about 5 seconds! The world’s fastest defects recognition system.

What about cost? Up to 6 times less than conventional methods!

Who is this for? Asset owners, property managers, engineers, contractors, facility managers

Put us to the test!

3D Digitisation and Mapping

Combining photogrammetry, ground Lidar and aerial Lidar we create scans in record time with exceptional accuracy. Our team our draftsman specialise in all forms of 3D from architectural BIM models to heavy industrial applications.


Precision mapping for insurance claims and risk mitigation. Creating digital site replicas for analysis, reverse engineering on loss estimation and extracting accurate BOQs.


Smart Infrastructure Audits – powerline mapping, telecom mapping

3D Construction Monitoring

Construction progress monitoring. Smart program integration and critical path analysis. The ultimate historical database – digitise your whole construction project accessible on a custom web portal. We report on progress, discrepancies and deviation from program. No need to send project management teams to remote locations.



Solar and Wind Infrastructure audits driven by AI – Increase efficiency and cost savings

Internal/High Risk inspection

We make use of the most advanced internal scanning technology available on the market. Internal mapping of structures, inaccessible connection verification, visual weld assessments, material condition assessments. Suitable for pipelines, tanks, silos, chimneys or any high-risk areas.

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Opening hours

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