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We fully scope your specific business requirements in order to provide a tailor made solution that provides the exact functionality you require
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We fully scope your specific business requirements in order to provide a tailor made solution that provides the exact functionality you require

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T Clarity can take the guesswork out of your data. We provide solutions like M-Files Document Management Software for managing, finding, and tracking of documents and information. We do custom built applications for any business requirement.

About IT Clarity

M-Files is an award-winning innovative electronic document management system (EDMS) that solves the problems of managing, finding, and tracking documents in today’s information-intensive organizations.

M-Files is easy to deploy, learn and use, and has enabled thousands of companies and organizations of all sizes in over 90 countries to make dramatic gains in efficiency and productivity by improving the way they organize and manage their business documents, information and processes.

M-Files provides powerful and easy to use document storage and retrieval, classifying documents by what they are, so they are always easy to find. M-Files helps enterprises find, share, and secure documents and information.

Meet Requirements For Daily Quality Processes And Regulatory Compliance With M-Files QMS
Manage your organization’s documents without investing in server setup and maintenance – and make it easier than ever to access files anywhere, even from mobile devices. With M-Files Cloud Vault, you won’t waste time searching for a document, recreating information or using the wrong version. Instead, you can just tag your documents and save them in your vault – and they’ll automatically be saved in the cloud and made available to anyone with access, anywhere they are.

IT Clarity can take the guesswork out of your data.

- Obtain important business metrics reports whenever and wherever you need them.
- Gain valuable insight into your customer’s behavior.
- Pinpoint up-selling as well as cross-selling opportunities.
- Get the knack of streamlining operations.
- Develop efficiency.
- Find out what your real manufacturing costs are.
- Conduct better inventory.
- Gain a better understanding of your business’ past, present and future

We fully scope your specific business requirements in order to provide a tailor made solution that provides the exact functionality you require – do what you want to do, the way you want it done and save time in the process.

Coronavirus – how to be productive at home

With the COVID-19 Pandemic spreading relentlessly across the globe, and with no real end in sight, substantial strain will be put on businesses in all sectors due to absenteeism, quarantines, travel restrictions, and other preventions for risk of infection.

M-FILES offers an easy-to-deploy solution to help manage workflows, processes and document management remotely, so your organisation can continue to function in spite of lockdowns or absenteeism.  After lockdown,  hit the ground running and positively affect revenue streams quickly with M-Files.

Hundreds of thousands of people — maybe even millions — are battening down the hatches in their homes because of COVID-19 and working in the same place they live. There may be a paradigm shift happening in the world, spurred by this coronavirus situation. Will organizations discover hidden value in a remote workforce? When they see how many resources it takes to run a brick and mortar office, will they allow for more workers to operate from home, even after the pandemic blows over? Time will tell, but it’s the new normal — at least for now.

Access documents anytime, anywhere, and with any device

The need to access and manage documents doesn’t always come conveniently during office hours.

M-Files works with any device, allowing you to access and work with documents in e.g. network folders using your mobile device. Having unprecedented access to relevant information through M‑Files offers agility throughout your business processes, even if you’re offline.

Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid – get it your way, and use with any device

M-Files is platform and device independent. No matter your preference in setting up your IT environment, M-Files can be installed in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid solution, making your organization cloud ready from the get go. Furthermore, M-Files offers one common user interface regardless of the device you use, so you can work anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

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