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TCGC - The Clean Group of Companies

innovate. collaborate. serve.
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TCGC - The Clean Group of Companies
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innovate. collaborate. serve.

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TCGC is a collaborative collection of entities with various synergies which includes aspects of operations, management, shareholding, service providers, technologies, market focus, products, and services. TCGC is essentially focused on optimising the supply and distribution channels within the group to capitalise on the global economy and technology to minimise costs and maximise efficiency and profitability. TCGC companies are all solely owned by its directors and head quartered in Pretoria, offering products and services across South Africa, as well as other southern African countries.

TCGC is positioned as a product sourcing, procurement, and distribution group and deals with a wide range of products and industries, which includes ad-hoc, client specific requirements. TCGC aligns themselves with reputable original equipment manufacturers (locally and internationally), being the authorised import agents and sole distributors for some in the southern African region. For the supply and support of the imported sole distributor range of products, TCGC established a network of distribution/integration/reseller partners covering all provinces of South Africa.


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